Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ARTIST: Tori Spooner

Tori Spooner is a life long musician, children's music educator and part time artist. While her works don't portray greater metaphor, social or political message nor any specific representation of image, her art shows an exploration of the raw simplicity of colours and how they relate to one another and ultimately also to the observer. This limitation in variation of colour, depth and tone, along with the use of open, geometric shape structure helps the works to transcend other interpretation and becomes an invitation for observers to directly see the value of colour and tone as the artist does. Colour makes a constant impression on Tori throughout every day. In recent years she came to learn she is part of a minority of people who experience Synesthesia - a neurological sensory phenomenon in which her perception of numbers, days of the week, months and sense of time are all associated specifically and constantly with colours, tones and graphic images. The paintings are always within a certain colour pallet which she finds very cohesive, calming and inspiring to work with. It is this depth of connection with colour that ultimately inspires Tori's work.

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