Friday, May 16, 2008

ARTIST: Tom Civil

Tom Civil (AKA Civilian) is a d.i.y. artist and activist graphic designer who publishes posters, zines, stickers and newspapers. His stencil work has been featured in various publications including Melbourne Stencil Art Capital, the film Rash and ABC TV series NotQuiteArt and he was a feature artist in Psst… Melbourne Stencil Festival 2004/05. Civil has exhibited in community art spaces, empty shows and on the street and has run stencil making workshops in different communities and given various public talks about the political nature of street art.

Tom is one half of Breakdown Press, radical publishers of 3 Poster Series covering issues of Indigenous sovereignty in Australia, corporate-globalisation and the nuclear industry, and the book YOU: some letters from the first five years, an anthology of an ongoing anonymous letter writing project. Breakdown Press can be found at or PO Box 1283 Carlton Melbourne VIC Aus 3053.
Civil has a collection of creative commons licensed work at and currently works designing for independent artistic, activist and community organisations. He can be contacted a

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