Wednesday, May 28, 2008

ARTIST: Jennie Pry

Jennie has recently returned to creative work after far too many years of avoiding her own potential. As Pablo Picasso said “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

In between careers in the health and community sectors, Jennie went back to Art College (C.O.F.A) in the late 1980s to major in photography. While the experience was invaluable, she thinks she may have missed the point of art being one of the most authentic forms of human expression to help us to explore life’s truths and process our experiences. It may explain why she went back to community work and became a parent in the years that followed her formal art training. Jennie thinks she may be finally getting ‘the point’ and has recently returned to creative practice focusing on drawing, painting and photography. She works out of small studio at the Lennox Street Studios in Newtown and has been rekindling her painting, drawing and photo-media skills at the Sydney Gallery School (TAFE). In March 2008, Jennie started studying with Charlie Sheard at the Charlie Sheard Studio School for Oil Painting.

Artist Statement:
Since my return to painting and drawing in 2004, I have experimented with still life and the theatre of objects, portraiture and narrative work. I have pushed myself in new directions and enjoyed seeing my work change and come back to teach me something new. Most significantly, I have rediscovered my passion for drawing and have embarked on an ink wash and charcoal journey filled with vintage bathing suits, personal possessions and stories (real or imagined) of the women who filled them. Memory, nostalgia and the transitional phases of womanhood are themes that appear to be drifting through my curren

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