Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ARTIST: Dean Rankine

Dean Rankine received a 'silver' and 'bronze' in the inaugural Ledger Awards to 'recognise excellence in the Australian Comic Arts Industry. His comics have appeared in a number of magazines including; KidZone, Explore, Venue, Tell, On Fire and Mania (Australia), Kids Alive (United Kingdom), The War Cry (New Zealand), Priority (United States), Sorthvit (Norway) and TFL (South Africa). He's illustrated books for Ashton Scholastic, Acorn Press & the Victorian Foundation for the Victims of Torture and Trauma. He produced the infamous 'Polly Drug User and the Curse of the Dry Horrors' comic for the Australian Drug Foundation and illustrated the 'Kaleidoscope resource manual' (for same sex attracted young people). Dean really likes to draw comics about Jesus. He's self-published a number of comics including, 'Open Your Heart When They Hate Your Guts' and 'God's Love is Like a Conjoined Twin'. He was once branded a 'heretic' by some American right wing fundamentalists. But he’s trying not to take it personally.

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