Tuesday, May 13, 2008

ARTIST: David Lever

David Lever is a relative newcomer as an artist yet his passion for the arts has developed over many years through his avid collecting of Australian works. He was finally persuaded to join a workshop in 1995 by fellow artist and friend, Garry Shead. Within 12 months David had left his current employment to pursue a career as a full-time artist exploring the world of paint. Side stepping formal training; David’s works have evolved over time to possess a high level of individuality.

He spent the first two years of his artistic life revisiting his Paddington childhood memories and exploring the Sydney working class environment. It was during this time that David explored the idea of a series of works based on the life and times of Arthur Stace who was born in Balmain into very difficult circumstances. Over the years Stace’s life has provided inspiration for poems, documentaries and other art exhibitions. The idea of presenting Stace’s full life in a series of 25 paintings became a reality. In 2001 the “Eternity” Exhibition was opened by prominent Australian artist, Martin Sharp at Macquarie University.

David Lever’s works are predominantly urban landscapes with figures and are usually set in the inner suburbs of Sydney during the 1940’s to 1970’s period. During March / April 2008 Macquarie University presented David’s latest series entitled, “Aspects of perceive Australian culture.” David’s work is highly imaginative and is inspiring on many levels, not least because it brings to our attention our own unique Australian heritage. Since 1995 David has been exhibited 16 times at various locations in Sydney.

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