Thursday, May 1, 2008

ARTIST: Loris Quantock

In 2007, Loris received the Directors Choice Award at the inaugural Marrickville Contemporary Art Prize.

Loris began her art studies under the tutelage of well known contemporary Sydney artists in the early 1990's. In 1995 she undertook more formal studies in a fine art course at St. George Technical College.

After completing the course she traveled extensively throughout Australia drawing inspiration from the desert landscapes.

On her return, Loris moved into studios at Blackwattle Bay, Glebe. There she began work on a series of paintings based on her travels.
After the demise of the Blackwattle complex, Loris established herself at Lennox Street Studios, Newtown.

Loris’s highly individual art reflects her observation of and intense reaction to the rich diversity of the Australian landscape.
She displays a response to the natural world that is both intriguing and intrigued.

Loris's most recent works are of subtle, delicate and ambiguous assemblages of found natural objects and striking oil-on-canvas works that vibrate with dramatic colour.

Loris has been exhibiting in Sydney for 14 years and in 2005 she had a successful exhibition in Melbourne.

Her commissioned works and works purchased at exhibition appear in collections in Australia and overseas.

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